These are some of my customers and
what they said …

• Gleerups (since 1992)
• OLIKA Förlag, former Vilda Förlag (since 2009)

• OrdAF (since 2007)
• Sanoma Utbildning, former Bonnier Utbildnig (since 2000)
• SICA Läromedel (since 1994)
• Studentlitteratur (since 2012)
• International English School (since 2015)


”Thanks for all the great books you have helped us with! Working with you is a delight. Your good mood and genuine concern makes it easy and fun. That you also are both sensible and accurate is a big bonus. The fine illustrations speak for themselves. An accomplished illustrator and designer in one person – what more could you wish for?”

Ann de Bourgh, editor, Sanoma Utbildning (former Bonnier Utbildning)


”We received the script for ‘Grandma & Grandpa’ and fell for its warmth, pace and humour. But then we needed to find an illustrator who could do this justice. It was so hard! But then we stumbled across Pia’s illustrations – like clockwork! There was a feeling of creating something that is more than just pictures for the text, which adds more than what is in the text. And it’s also the feedback readers give, that children are constantly finding new details to be amused by in the images. Pia’s work was both responsive and dedicated and she really added her own. Thank you.”

Karin Salmson, OLIKA Förlag 


”Thanks for the lovely days! You have really given us a lot of inspiration for further work! Thanks also for all the tips you shared. I look forward to the next time we meet, hopefully this fall.

Ms. Norberg, International English School, Sundsvall (Student Choices, #creative school)


”Pia’s illustrations interact very well with the text in the books and give the young reader an important support in reading. These beloved images are enjoyed by many students as well as teachers around the country’s schools.”

Åsa Sandberg, educational developer, Studentlitteratur, Gleerups


”THANK YOU for an absolutely amazing book!
Your illustrations are so outstanding!
Beautiful, funny, attractive, happy, joyful pictures!
Everyone we met at the Biennale was quite lyrical about the beautiful illustrations.”

Carin Rydja, author, ’Språklust genom sagor’ (Sanoma Utbildning)


”In 1988 something happened that changed my life radically. I became a mother, when you were supposed to be a grandmother. I was 47 years old when little Ida was born. It was she who made me a writer. She thought mother would not read stories, but tell tales of imagination instead. Thus was born ‘My Easy Library’ and the stories of the little ant, My, who got lost in the woods and the dog, Rufsi, who didn’t want to be scruffy and went to the hairdresser, etc. These little books were my first contact with Pia, who then illustrated most of what I’ve done. ‘My Easy Library’ is for beginner readers and Pia’s gorgeous illustrations give them the preconceptions they need when they have just cracked the reading code. Since then, Pia and I have done many educational materials for various publishers. I’m most proud of my nature books at Gleerups and I look forward to continued collaboration with Pia. Nowadays, I write for my grandchildren.”

Karin Danielsson, educational writer and mother of Ida


”We met at a meeting with the Swedish Association of Educational Writers. You gave a good impression and it turned out that you were related to Skellefteå. When we decided to publish a book ourselves, you Pia, were an obvious choice to us. Your illustrations are expressive, joyful and imaginative. Thank you for giving life to the book ‘My Skellefteå’!”

Anette S Panboon and Victoria W Gustafsson, educational writers