Here are some commonly asked questions. Please contact me if anything is unclear.

I have found a picture online. Can I use it?
Copyright law is simple: Always ask the artist first! The person who made the picture owns the right to decide where and how the image is used, that’s  copyright. It applies to all images, whether you find them on Google or social media such as facebook or instagram. If you illegally use other people’s images, you are responsible for compensation and guilty of infringing copyright. Do you not know who made the image and therefore can’t contact the artist, do not use the picture.

I have written a children’s book and need pictures do I contact you or the publisher first?
Some publishers want to choose their illustrator, others want to see sketches together with your manuscript. Find out how the publishers would like you to send your script, by checking out their website. Look for ”Manus” (”Manuscript”). Also, find out what kind of books they have and what they recently published. This will increase your chances of being published. You can send your script to several publishers at the same time, but should then tell the publishers that you do so. Different ways to publish your script is traditional publishers, the hybrid publishers and self-publishing.
Here’s more advice to rookies (in Swedish).
Here’s a link to children’s book publishers in Sweden.

Who can hire you?
Almost anyone! Email or call me and tell me what you need. My clients are often in another city and working remotely works fine. If you happen to be in the neighbourhood, I’ll be happy to meet you. Please read HERE to see what you should think of before you contact me.

What tasks do you do?
I can help you with making illustrations and designing texts such as books, brochures, packaging. If you like my style, my illustrations would suit postcards, napkins as well as wallpaper. I also visit schools, where I talk about my job. When I have time, I write children’s books.

What does it cost to hire you?
It depends on how complicated the illustration / layout should be and the extent to which the work should be displayed. You tell me what you want and for what. Then we agree on price per picture / page or per hour. We can also agree on a fixed amount for the entire mission. Maybe you have a budget to stick to? Then I can adjust my work to the budget.

Read more HERE about what you should consider when you ask for a price proposal / quotation. When it comes to writers’ fee school visit, read more HERE.
 Anything unclear? Don’t hesitate to ask me, simply email: pia[a] or use the contact form at Contact.

How does it work when you make an illustration?
There are many elements when creating an illustration – sometimes it can take time, sometimes it goes quickly. This is what I do when I create:

• Read the script, discussing the task with the client (editor / writer)

• Sometimes research is needed, ie. I take out the facts so that the illustrations are accurate

• Hatch ideas

• Sketch

• Discuss the sketches with the client, maybe changes and new sketches have to be made

• Clean up sketches

• Draw outlines and colouring by hand or digitally

• Scan
• Process the illustrations digitally, ie. I adjust the illustrations for print

• Make a final proof that the customer approves

• Save and deliver illustrations final output – always digitally

What about buying illustrations?
Briefly: the customer buys the right to use the illustrations the way they are, in a certain context, but original artworks stay with me. My name shall also be indicated. Learn more about copyright HERE.

What is copyright?
Copyright means that whoever made the image (… text, music, etc.) owns the rights to their work. Taking something without agreeing with the author is thus illegal. Learn more about copyright HERE.

Needed agreement?
Before I start work, the client and I agree on what kind of illustrations customers want, how they should be displayed and when they will be ready. We will also agree on the compensation I will receive for my work. It’s good to write it all down so you don’t forget what you have decided. So it’s good to use an agreement.

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